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The LIVE BETTER Transition Program provides support to young adults, 18 -30 yrs, that no longer have the state and federal resources of the foster care system. The program includes a one-time housing grant for qualified youth transitioning out of foster care, that will support security deposits for the lease signing of an apartment and initial household supplies. The program also includes twelve transition workshops that will focus on key pillars for successful transition to independent living such as budgeting, accessing community resources and support, the significance of community connections, employment readiness, higher education, maintaining health and wellness, etc. The participants will have the opportunity to earn stipends for their participation in the workshops. Housing grants and stipends are contingent on available funding. 

See Your Donation's Impact!

What your donation provides:

Homelessness is a huge reality for those impacted by the foster care system. Every Live Better donation of $5000 will provide a one-time housing grant to support a young adult in getting their own apartment. This will help them to cover security deposits and initial household supplies. Also included is access to 12 transition workshops that will teach skills for independent living. Attendance at each workshop will include a stipend for the young adult. Participants will also have access to mentoring and connection to additional community resources. 

 We will also accept donations of household supplies and furniture. Please contact make arrangements for any of these donations. 

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