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Carrie Relf founded Foster Can Inc in 2020 as a response to the limited resources for youth transitioning out of the foster care system. Carrie was placed in foster care at an early age and remained in care until she "aged out" on her 21st birthday. Like many young adults in this position, Carrie found herself overwhelmed with learning to navigate living on her own. Carrie has complete her Bachelors in Sociology and Masters in Human Services Counseling and has dedicated her career to helping youth, young adults, and families achieve positive outcomes despite their circumstances for the past 15 years. Carrie is excited about Foster Can Inc. and all of the possibilities it will create for this and future generations. Carrie has faced the impact of "no's" and "can't" throughout her life. However, she has learned the power of "can" and hopes to encourage youth and young adults to believe that "Can Beats Can't, Every Time!"




 Julie Santos has worked as a non-profit professional for over 6 years; beginning her career as a volunteer and working her way up to mid-level management. She has dedicated her professional life to personal advancement and personal fulfillment and demonstrates her dedication by continuously encouraging youth that she works with that nothing is impossible. If you can believe in it; you can definitely obtain it. Her philosophy: that there are no limits except those that you set for yourself. 
Julie has made it her goal to serve small nonprofit organizations, the place in which her passion was birthed, to ensure that they are able to carry out their missions effectively. It is in their creativity, commitment, passion, and service that future generations will have a fighting chance.

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Tamara Minott, PhD is a higher education professional with experience in enrollment management and student affairs. Interested in the success of underprivileged student populations, including first-generation, low-income, and ethnically minoritized individuals, Tamara lends her educational and professional experience towards the efforts to promote policy reform as it relates to college access and equity, college completion, and the student experience of these student groups. She is an important contributor to Foster Can's educational and fundraising endeavors.  

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